Campus Amenities

At our strictly not-for-profit New Horizons at Marlborough, we want all our residents to feel comfortable and at home. Our residents enjoy their choice of studio, one-, or two-bedroom apartments, each with its own oversized bathroom and kitchenette. New Horizons at Marlborough takes pride in focusing on each resident’s happiness and comfort, which is why we encourage personalization in each living space. Our residents also enjoy skylights and personal outdoor patios, as well as our common areas.

“The care and attention Dad got, the upbeat atmosphere, the plentiful and appealing food, the squeaky clean environment, and most of all the support he was afforded as he grew less able to take care of himself were very important to both of us. He regarded New Horizons as home. I don’t think one can give higher praise than that.” 

Leonard Inker, 

son of a former resident

Activities for Our Residents

In addition to creating an inviting environment for our residents, New Horizons at Marlborough creates activities to bring the community together. Our Activities Coordinator tailors programs that cater to residents’ enjoyment and interests.

Some of the activities that are offered at New Horizons at Marlborough include:

• User-friendly clothing fashion shows
• Off-site spectator trips
• Resident art displays
• Regular fitness programs
• Watercise classes in our indoor heated pool
• On-site Jewish, Protestant, and Catholic religious services

We are one of few communities to offer both daily Catholic Mass as well as regular on-site Protestant and Jewish services. Not only do we offer activities for different residents, we encourage our residents to feel connected to each other with group offerings. Our residents know that they were a vital part of their previous community, and we want to bring that same feeling here to New Horizons at Marlborough with our group activities.

Not only do we offer indoor activities, but we also have solutions for residents who enjoy the outdoors with our large resident greenhouse. This is where our residents can talk with our greenhouse coordinator to harvest strawberries, tomatoes, and any plant our residents would like to tend. For those who want to spend some time on the town, residents are encouraged to take errand runs as well as fun runs. During these runs, our minibus will be visiting local shopping areas, museums, performances, sporting events, candy stores and more. Even during the winter season, we have scheduled trips to enjoy the holiday lights!

Community Activities

Some of our fun-filled community activities include:
• Baking contests in the Country Kitchen
• Waist-high indoor and outdoor gardening
• Neighborhood block parties

Residents of New Horizons at Marlborough can take full advantage of our first-rate Community Services Department and our “Town Center.” For residents who enjoy the arts, such as poetry and music, we encourage them to join our poetry readings and live big-band music while sipping on some afternoon tea. The Town Center is the focal point of the social activities our residents participate in. We also host daily news chats as well as weekly cocktail parties at the Town Center.

Amenities On-Campus

We offer a wide-range of amenities for our residents, helping to create an easy transition into their new home.

• Heated indoor pool
• Chapel
• Walking Trails
• O’Connor Commons for large and small resident groups
• Health club
• Campus-wide events
• Hair salon
• Game room
• Theater
• Pharmacy/sundry shop

Building Relationships

New Horizons at Marlborough takes pride in building relationships, not only among our residents but also between our staff and residents. Our core philosophy begins with the TLC Program, which helps residents form a bond with our staff as well as our community. When new residents arrive to New Horizons at Marlborough, our multidisciplinary staff introduces them to their new apartment and helps them acclimate to their new community. By doing this, we ignite friendships between the residents and staff on the very first day, which helps ease new residents into our community.

Staff That Care

Here at New Horizons at Marlborough, we really care for our residents and want to make sure they have everything they need from entertainment to feeling safe. To that end, we schedule a licensed nurse 24 hours, seven days a week, to be ready in case of any emergencies. New Horizons at Marlborough also has a front desk receptionist available 24 hours a day in addition to certified home health aides. Several community organizations meet at our community, and many of our residents enjoy partaking in these events. This is just another way for our residents and staff to collaborate as well as to involve our residents within the local community.