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September 20, 2017
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Swimming is an increasingly popular form of exercise for everyone. From kids to seniors, swimming has shown that it is one of the most beneficial ways to get moving. There are many benefits to swimming as well. Because of its low impact and low weight strain, it is extremely easy on the joints. This can be very good for people with osteoporosis, or arthritis, as it can make exercise more comfortable. Alongside this, it can reduce the risk of falling. This is because swimming can strengthen legs, increasing stability, bettering balance, and increasing good posture. Lastly, it’s enjoyable! Let’s take a look at different kinds of exercises that you can do in the pool the strengthen your body and have a great time doing so.

Water walking: This exercise is great for posture. In order to get the most benefits from this, make sure to walk around, just like you would on land, in waist deep water. On top of this, make sure you’re walking straight and avoiding walking on your tiptoes.

Arm circles: This move is a little more advanced, as you will want to start in water deep enough that only your neck and head are outside of the water. Next, raise your arms out to both sides and move them in circular motions. After doing this for about 20 seconds, switch the motion to start going backward. This will help tremendously in strengthening the arm muscles.

Wall chair: In the corner of a pool, in chest deep water, grad both side of the pool with your arms. Then lift legs and hold, working your abdominal muscles. Twisting from side to side can also help get those oblique muscles in shape. This is great, as it can help posture and decrease the chance of a fall over time.

Water jogging: Similar to water walking, this exercise is essentially designed to get the heart pumping and the blood flowing. In waist deep water, jog back and forth in a pool, to whatever speed feels good for you. This will help to reduce the risk of heart attack and keep energy levels up.

Resistance kicking: Resistance Kicking begins with a kickboard. Hold this kickboard out in front of you and kick to get back and forth in the pool. This is a great cardio exercise to get the blood pumping, and has similar affects to water jogging.

Leg swings: This exercise is great because it not only works your legs, but it works your core hard as well. It really focuses on the obliques when it comes to the core. For this resistance exercise, stand in pool and lift one leg to the side until it feels tired, then switch legs. To really pump this up, you could also kick your leg backward, and forward in order to work your ab muscles alongside the oblique muscles.

Standing water push-ups: Although this exercise is not exactly what you would think of as a “push-up”, it has the added benefit of the water acting as a resistance. For this, stand on the edge of the pool and put both hands on the side. Then, bend both arms, leaning into the wall, and then push out. Keep repeating this until tired. This exercise is great for working the shoulder, chest and back muscles.

Exercising is important for people of all ages, and has many benefits for living a long, healthy life. Swimming, while extremely fun, can also be utilized as an amazing key to exercise for seniors especially, as it will do little joint damage and help increase balance. Alongside this, having fun while working out can lead to a better regimen, so take your first class today!


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